Turkish Citizen Donates Umrah Money To Turkish Earthquake Victims

Mehmet Cakirhan Donates Umrah Money Turkish Earthquake

This year, Mehmet Cakirhan was planning to perform the Umrah. Still, instead, he gave all of his money to the Turkish earthquake victims.

His son is proud of him. According to Red Crescent officials, this is the best donation they have ever received.

Mehmet Cakirhan did a touching act of kindness by giving all his money to the Turkish earthquake victims. The earthquake prevented him from performing Umrah this year, so he returned to the Red Crescent to donate his funds.

People in his immediate vicinity told him he had performed the noblest deed imaginable after hearing about his kind deed. He was so overcome with emotion at the time that he started crying afterwards.

Red Crescent representatives expressed appreciation for his gift. While all charitable deeds are admirable, they will never forget this one. They also mentioned how vital his contribution would be in aiding the earthquake victims.

Mehmet Cakirhan announced that he would perform the Umrah and had packed his bag and other necessary items. But after the earthquake, he gave the entire sum he had set aside for Umrah to the disaster’s victims.

He added that he had donated all his money and would no longer perform Umrah. Only ten days remained for his Umrah, but he decided to prioritize the needs of the earthquake victims over his desires.

His son also expressed how proud he was of his father for his selfless deed. The donation made by Mehmet Cakirhan will be remembered as a kind deed that helped many people in need.

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