Pakistani School Proudly Shows Israeli Flag

Nasra Public School Shows Israeli Flag
Picture: Twitter

Pakistani school controversially showing Israeli flag during a school ceremony.

Twitter social media users were recently thrown into confusion after photos of a ceremony at a school in Pakistan were widely circulated.

Nasra Public School

The photo uploaded by a user with the username @DrSabirplf shows an international event at the Nasra School located in Korangi, Karachi, where students can be seen standing in rows waving the flags of various countries to enliven the event.

What caught the eye in the photos of the event was the Israeli flag being hoisted by one of the students in the line alongside other nations’ flags.

Photos of the Israeli flag waving at an official school event also attended by school officials quickly drew backlash from social media users as soon as it was uploaded to the internet.

Pakistani Twitter users simultaneously condemned the Israeli flag display at an official school event in Karachi mainly because it contradicts Pakistan’s position, which until recently did not recognize the existence of the Zionist state of Israel.

In 2020, the PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan, emphasized that Pakistan would still refuse to recognize Israel as a state even though a few countries pressured them.

Pakistan says it will never recognize the state of Israel until there is a just settlement of the decades-old Palestinian issue.

Nasra School is not Pakistan’s first school to proudly show the Israeli flag at a school event.

Earlier in 2019, a high school in Abbottabad came under fire for allowing the Israeli flag to be displayed next to other countries’ flags at the UN model conference.

Organizers of the event at the time stated that hoisting the Israeli flag was an error that must not have occurred.

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