Israel Have Bombed Palestine Everyday Since UAE-Israel Peace Deal

Israel Have Bombed Palestine Everyday Since UAE Israel Peace Deal

While UAE-Israel Peace Deal was taking place in the Gulf, Gazans in Palestine are being bombed for the last ten days.

The Middle East territory got the announcement of the controversial peace deal with Israel in the previous week as the locals of the Gaza strip, the only enclave not having Israel’s authority, got up to the bomb attacks from Israel.

Today is the continuous tenth day of bombing over Gaza by Israel, the place where two million people have limited food, water, and electricity resources for years because now the Arabic state is stepping forward to condemn the campaign of Tel Aviv.

UAE-Israel Peace Deal, a nightmare for Palestinians?

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When the Arab Allies and Israel were busy with their deal for diplomatic relations, Tel Aviv continued to bomb the Palestinians making it a normal act in the Middle East.

Gaza Strip has been under an extreme Israeli siege since June 2007 as Israel did not occupy it yet.

So far, this bombing resulting in only injuring seven people as per the reports received so far. The civilian infrastructures, agricultural territories, and even the Schools were targeted by Israel in their airstrikes.

A 2012 report of the UN estimated that Gaza might be soon become unlivable till 2020 if the trend continues. In this year of the pandemic which not only hit Palestine, with already limited and less medical resources but the whole world, further lowered down the living standard of the Gazans.

However, under the rule of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, who has gone through three inconclusive elections till the last 12 months, hasn’t called off pounding Gaza yet.

Both; the New Arab allies and Israel have totally ignored the plight of Palestine as they are totally involved in their new peace deal, which is of no benefit to Palestine.

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