Imam of Kaaba Hints at Saudi Peace Deal with Israel, Sparks Outrage

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The imam of Kabaa (Makkah’s Grand Mosque) hinted at Saudi Peace Deal with Israel in the sermon delivered on Friday is now causing severe outrage in the Muslim world.

After the friendship deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Israel last month, many have been speculating that Saudi Arabia will also sign a friendship deal with Israel.

The London-based media outlet, The New Arab has reported this weekend that Abdul Rahman al Sudais promoted ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia and hinted at a Saudi peace deal with Israel by teaching cooperation and tolerance between non-Muslims and Muslims in his Friday sermon.

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In his sermon given on Friday, he cited the incident in which Prophet Muhammad PBUH maintained friendly relationships with Jews.

The tolerance he (PBUH) showed while making relationships with his Jewish neighbor are the best lesson for us. He (PBUH) also mortgaged his own shield to a die when that person died, he had also shared the land of jews of Khaybar for harvesting.

– Abdul Rahman al Sudais (Imam of the Grand Mosque of Makkah)

Egyptian Islamic scholar, Mohammed al-Sagheer condemned the sermon of Imam of Kaaba by saying that Sheikh Sudais is making a way so that Saudi Arabia can sign a deal with Israel and also said that it is treason to preach such things.

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Here is the full Khutbah:

A number of users on Social Media were also furious after listening to the sermon, saying this would lead to making Saudi Arabia’s recognization of Israel as Palestine continues to disappear.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Did I not mention in my earlier comment on the subject of UAE signing a peace deal with the zionists, that one by one the cowards and hypocrites of the middle east will expose themselves. That has happened now and many will follow suit, only to be destroyed from within.

These are The End Times, and with the Corona Pandemic, not relenting in its grip of the human race, we can expect so many Munaafiqs to tumble out of the cupboard

Omar Ebrahim

To make relationship with Israel is a sign of downfall Arab Nations.May Allaah Azzawajal protect them

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