Performing Hajj Without Hajj Permit Is Haram, Says Council of Senior Scholars

Saudi Arabia’s scholars have issued a statement. As per the statement performing Hajj without permit is a sin. This is to ensure a smooth Hajj experience.
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Going on Hajj without a permit is a sin.


  • A Hajj Permit is mandatory to perform Hajj.
  • The Council of Senior Scholars has stated a sin to perform Hajj without a permit.
  • A Hajj Permit will allow the government to plan the facilities accordingly.

The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia has made a significant announcement. They have declared that all Muslims planning to go on Hajj must have a permit. The council says this rule is very important.

It follows Sharia law. It helps the Hajj go smoothly. It also keeps the holy places safe. The council’s rule is clear. You cannot go on Hajj without a permit. If you do, it is a sin.

    The council has talked about why the permit is needed. It helps to plan the Hajj well. It lets government groups get ready for the Hajj season. They make big plans. These plans take care of everything pilgrims need. This includes safety, health care, places to stay, and food.

    The council insists on keeping the number of pilgrims under control. This is very important. It makes the services better. It makes things safer. If there are too many pilgrims, problems happen. They might have to sleep on the streets. This can block traffic. It can also cause injuries because of the crowd.

    In the end, the council’s message is very clear. Following the permit rule is a must. It is the law and it is the right thing to do. It keeps the honor and safety of the Hajj. All Muslims have a duty. They must keep the Hajj holy and safe.

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