Israel and Bahrain Signs Peace Deal, Establishes Diplomatic Ties

Israel and Bahrain Signs Peace Deal

Bahrain signs peace deal with Israel, weeks after UAE signed the deal with Israel, United States President Donald Trump announced.

Full diplomatic relationships have been established between Bahrain and Israel Donald Trump announced on Friday.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump talked to Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the agreement between these two countries was finalized.

This deal was signed a few weeks after the UAE-Israel friendship deal. Experts are also expecting Saudi Arabia might sign a peace deal with Israel too after Imam of Makkah has given a hint of potential ties.

Bahrain to join the UAE and Israel for a deal signing ceremony on the 15th of September at the White House as told by Donald Trump.

PM of Israel Netanyahu said he is happy to see a number of Gulf countries are joining hands together to unite.

Religious leaders have critisized the countries formulating diplomatic ties with Israel.

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