UAE and Israel Signs Friendship Deal, Also Allows Citizens To Visit Israel

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The United Arab Emirates and Israel have agreed for a Friendship deal to normalize relationships, as announced by US President Donald Trump.

This means if Israel demands full takeover of Palestine, UAE will be with Israel

A combined statement given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President of the United States Donald Trump and Crown Prince of Dubai Mohammed Al Nahyan that this historic Friendship deal will bring peace in the Middle East region.

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And As a result of this deal, Israel has confirmed that they will end the plan to annex a huge chunk of occupied West Bank.

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To this date, Israel had no diplomatic relationship with any country in the Gulf Arab.

Although the shared viewpoint on Iran’s influence in the region has sparks the unofficial contacts between these countries.

In response to the tweet by US President Donald Trump, PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted, “Historic Day” in Hebrew.

Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE ambassador to the US said while talking to the press that it is a diplomatic win for UAE and for the Middle East.

Before this, Egypt signed a similar deal back in 1979 and Jordan back in 1994. The deal between UAE and Israel is the third one in the Arab region.

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In the coming days, delegations from UAE and Israel will meet to sign agreements to make tourism, investment, direct flights, telecommunications, security, energy, healthcare, technology, culture, and the establishment of embassies in both countries.

As US launching “Strategic Agenda for the Middle East”, UAE and Israel both will join it together.

A few months back, Saudi Arabian crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman also said Israelis have the right to buy land.

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sabaa othman

omg what wrong with them like they should be helping our people in Palestine not going against them

A Shabbir Ahmed

This is just absolute nonsense. What happened to all the so called peace deals brokered by the erstwhile presidents of the US like Jimmy Carter, which were unilaterally violated by the zionists. Palestinian land was usurped and the so called war against terror destroying Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc and no accountability for that to date. What is the guarantee that the zionists will not use the UAE to legally usurp Palestinian lands, as they have in the past ? Why there has been no talk of returning already usurped lands of the Palestinians for the past 72 years ?… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Shabbir Ahmed A

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