London Halal Marketplace App Plans to Become eBay Alternative for Muslims

London Halal Marketplace App Plans

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London Halal Marketplace App: The eBay online marketplace has long been the dominant name when customers think of local merchants offering a variety of goods. 

London Halal Marketplace Ummah Io

Not anymore.  A group of web developers from London recently released a new app that is taking Europe (and the world) by storm.  The App is called Ummah, and it is an online marketplace created by Muslims for Muslims that adheres to the principles of halal.

While the app is new, the visits and impressions are increasing every week.  In fact, the app is one of the most engaging apps in Europe and on the Apple Store’s Education category.   Responding to the fast success, a spokesman at Ummah stated, “We want to be the next eBay…. Buyers want the opportunity to bid on items hoping to get them cheaper, or even trade items that benefit both parties.”

Buyers and sellers are happy there are no listing or purchasing fees either.  The money they get for selling an item does not go to the team at Ummah.  This makes the site much more attractive than eBay. 

Selling is easy.  Anyone with a smartphone can snap a photo of the item, provide a brief description, select the category, and suggest a price.  Buyers have a host of search criteria, including location and category, to begin the purchase process.  Buyers pay in cash for the item using a variety of common payment options.  It’s simple, and users can become fast friends through the robust communication process.

The average Muslim age is 24.  This generation has grown up with smartphones and they also desire to embrace Islam.  Halal allows Muslims to embrace their faith and conduct eCommerce like everyone else, confident that they are using religious, ethical principles.  It works out great for everyone.  Products range from boots to health products and everything in between.

The Halal way is important to Muslims and this is the first app to merge the Muslim religion with a marketplace.  Fortunately, it seems to be wildly popular with no slowdown in sight.  Ummah admits they need more customers to achieve their dreams, and they encourage everyone to check out the App.   The App is easy to download and is offered through the Apple Store and Google Play.

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