PM Of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Secretly Visited UAE Twice

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The Prime Minister of Israel secretly visited UAE twice to normalize their ties, as stated by an Israeli newspaper on this Friday.

Daily Israel Today published a report which stated that within these two previous years, Netanyahu (Benjamin) followed a minimum of two visits to the UAE as a part of formulating their agreement.

These two visits continued for many hours, and he, Netanyahu, was as usual followed by, Meir Ben Shabbat, the leader of his National Security Council.

As in the past, they never maintained any type of official tie with the UAE; such a visit by the Israeli Premier was never followed to Gulf state.

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A team following the officials of Israel will travel to Abu Dhabi in the coming week, as reported by Channel 12, the Israeli broadcaster.

The report maintained a statement from a senior official of Israel who stated that this delegation would help the UAE government members to finalize their plannings concerning the signing of the agreement, which is to normalize their ties.

The Israeli delegation will led by the National Intelligence Agency of Israel (Mossad), as shred by Israel Daily, Yedioth Ahoronth.

This agreement to normalize the ties between UAE and Israel is followed by President Trump, to help Israel with its annexation on the West Bank.

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A combined statement from the UAE, Israel, and the US stated that this change would promote peace in the Middle Eastern part of the world to this bold diplomacy and, according to the three leader’s vision, which referred to Trump, Netanyahu, and Prince Muhammad bin Zayed-al-Nahyan.

The United Arab Emirates now became the third Arab nation to support diplomatic relations with Israel and the very first state of Gulf Arab to follow this move. The rest of Arab countries concerning the diplomatic ties include; Jordan and Egypt.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Not surprising. Slowly, one by one, the cowards of the Middle East will come out claiming that the zionists visited them in secrecy. Let us wait and watch.

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