Man Pronounced Dead In Sujood In Masjid An-Nabawi Declared Alive

Pakistani Man Shocks Social Media After Thought Dead In Sujood In Masjid Al Nabawi

Social media was recently shocked by photos showing a man allegedly died while performing Friday prayers at the Masjid al Nabawi in the Saudi Holy City of Medina, on March 18, 2022, corresponding to 15th Sha’ban 1443 H.

The photo shows a man lying unconscious on the floor of the mosque in a sujood (prostration) position. The man who was covered with a prayer rug was surrounded by a lot of worshipers who looked amazed at the end of the life of a Muslim who was considered lucky.

Sujood (prostration) or sajdah is one of the main pillars of daily prayers in Islam. Sajdah itself is the act of low bowing or prostration to Allah facing the Qibla.

Pakistani Man Shocks Social Media After Thought Died In Sujood In Masjid Al Nabawi
The man who allegedly died in Sujood while performing Friday prayer in Masjid al Nabawi

A Twitter account updating the Holy Mosques is known to have also posted a photo of the man accompanied by a caption praising that the incident was a beautiful ending and explaining that the man died while performing Friday prayers. However, later deleted the earlier tweet and replaced it with the following tweet.

Security staff was alerted shortly after the man was found unconscious by other worshipers. He was quickly covered with a prayer rug and immediately evacuated by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

When handled, it was discovered that the man did not die and only fainted during Friday prayers. According to the spokesman for the Red Crescent Authority in Medina, Khalid Al Sahli, the man was declared alive by the ambulatory team stationed at Masjid Nabawi and he has been transferred to a local hospital for further treatment.

Although there were no further details on the man’s latest condition, online reports said the man was a Pakistani national.

Incidents similar to this are rare in the Holy Mosque, but there are two cases of men dying during prayers at Masjid Nabawi in Madinah, each was previously reported in 2010 and 2013.

Even though dying during prayer and in sujood, especially during Friday prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque is considered an indication of a good ending and very lucky but instead of covering them with a prayer rug, we should also try to help the person first. Because there is a possibility that he really needs emergency help that might save his life.

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