Ramadan Calendar 2024 – Pakistan, India, UK, US

Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan in 2024 is expected to begin on the evening of Saturday, April 2nd, and will end at sunset on Monday, May 1.

The length of the month itself varies between 29 and 30 days depending on the appearance of the Month of Shawwal leading to the long-awaited Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr on the 1st of Shawwal.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is celebrated as the month in which the Prophet Muhammad SAWW received the initial revelations of the Holy Quran from Allah SWT.

During Ramadan, millions of Muslims around the world will fast from dawn to dusk every day for the whole month. They will not eat, drink, smoke, and avoid doing other things that are forbidden by religion from sunrise to sunset. Fasting is seen as the right way to practice self-control and self-reflection as well as the right way to cleanse the soul.

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Ramadan is known as the month of giving because it serves as a reminder of the struggles of those who are less fortunate. Therefore, this month we are expected to be able to give back, donate to charity and feed the hungry.

Another main thing that is encouraged for Muslims to do during this month is prayer. Abu Huraira RA narrated that whoever establishes prayers on the night of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.

The month of Ramadan opens the widest opportunity for all of us to get closer to the Creator, pray for forgiveness for past sins.

However, the Holy Month is not only about fasting and prayer. Ramadan is a month where the rewards for good deeds are multiplied. In Ramadan, the reward for every good deed done is multiplied by 70.

The blessings and rewards of this month are immense. Likewise, sins and disobedience committed during this month will be bigger and more serious than sins in other months.

As the reward for good deeds is multiplied in the month of Ramadan, a Muslim should try to take advantage of this blessed month by doing good deeds and abandoning bad deeds in the hope that Allah will bless him by accepting those good deeds.

It is important for us to make the most out of Ramadan because we do not know if we will be blessed to experience another Ramadan.

The following are good deeds that we can do to increase virtue and multiple rewards during the holy month:

  • Recite Quran Kareem
  • Observe Itikaf
  • Offer Nightly Prayers (Tarawih)
  • Pay Zakat
  • If possible, perform Umrah during Ramadan as it is equal to Hajj in reward (Tirmidhi – 939)

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