Starlit Mosque in Qatar Is like Praying under the Stars

Starlit Mosque in Qatar

There is a mosque established in Qatar’s city, which looks like it is from another planet. In Qatar, the faculty of Islamic studies is located at Doha, an education city campus based on the MYAA architects’ designs. Starlit Mosque in Qatar’s architecture has quickly become a focal point not only for students but also for the community.

Starlit Mosque in Qatar!

Starlit Mosque in Qatar 3

The outer view of the mosque looked as if a spaceship has just arrived.

Starlit Mosque in Qatar 2

Its minarets rise high into the air, slanted towards Makkah, which is the prayer direction for Muslims worldwide.
This building is built on the Islamic “Kulliyya,” or place where knowledge is sought. It also gives a progressive learning environment that puts the institution in front of contemporary Islamic pedagogy, which neutralizes Islamic education’s worse image.

Starlit Mosque in Qatar 1

The courtyard made in the center of the Masjid is garnished with geometric patterns and calligraphy.

spaceship mosque 2

There are five pillars in the mosque, which represent the five pillars of Islam. There is a stream flowing around the pillars, representing the four rivers in heaven, which consist of wine, honey, water, and milk.

spaceship mosque 1

The Qatari mosque has a capacity of 1,800 people. Inside the mosque, there are prayer facilities divided for women and men. Men pray below while women pray in the gallery. The verses of the Quran line the center of the feeling, and It’s a feature that is mostly found in designs of traditional mosques.

qatari mosque 2

Lighting is expelled from triangular openings of various sizes, which is a unique feature in the mosque. For the worshippers, it is just like praying under the stars.

qatari mosque 1

Mihrab is featured with a golden texture and an ayah from Qur’an, which is translated as:

turn face kaaba quranic verse

The building quickly becomes a focal point for the students and the wider community, encouraging the building to break down social status and class barriers.

beautiful mosque interior

Please share your thoughts and tell us what do you think about this design.

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