Saudi Arabia Started $270 million Company to Maintain and Develop Masjid al-Haram and An Nabawi

Saudi Arabia Started 270 million Company to Maintain and Develop Masjid al Haram and An Nabawi

Kidana is a $270 million company that has been established will maintain and develop the holy sites of Saudi Arabia, Masjid al Haram and Masjid an Nabawi.

The Saudi Press Agency reported that In Mina, Kidana would be headquartered. It is the first closed joint-stock company owned by the Royal Commission for Makkah Al-Mukarramah and the Holy Sites (RCMC). The company has an authorized Capital of SR1 billion (270 million dollars).

On Sunday, RCMC made an announcement.

The chairman of the board of directors at Kidana, Prince Abdullah bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz, explained why is the maintenance of Holy cities necessary.

He said that the holy sites are the most sanctified symbols of our religion and historical history; may Allah protect them.

For the reconstruction and renovation of holy sites, Kidana is planning for long-term sustainability. The Holy sites will hold more pilgrims, so each year, more pilgrims will be performing Hajj and Umrah in line with the country’s vision 2030 reform plan.

Throughout the year, it also wants to renovate sites for optimal usage, Make sustainable urban centers, and raise the efficiency of operations during the Hajj season. It plans to increase the quality of services, and the real estate projects near the holy sites will be well designed and established.

The first key in RCMC strategy is the launching of Kidana, which was outlined last September to develop and maintain the holy sites.

The future priorities of RCMC are to add the Holy Mosque and Holy Sites Program’s activation and the establishment of a land and real estate program, a transport infrastructure program, a program supported by the Center for Comprehensive Management, a financially sustainable program.

A senior adviser at RCMC, Hatim Mouminah, was appointed as CEO Kidana following the company’s first board meeting.

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