UK Election Results: 24 Successful Muslim Candidates For UK

successful muslim candidates uk general elections 2019

24 successful Muslim candidates able to secure their seats to serve the people of the United Kingdom for the next 5 years.

successful muslim candidates uk elections 2019
Express News

London: UK Election Results are out and Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has won big time beating all-time favorite Labour Party in the United Kingdom. For the first time in the history of UK politics, 24 Muslim candidates have also won.

For the first time in history, about 70 Muslim candidates took part in UK general election 2019. Most of these Muslim candidates were from Turkey, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Out of 70, there were only 24 successful Muslim candidates in the UK general elections. This is going to be the highest number ever won in the history of UK politics.

As per the latest reports, 15 out of 24 Muslim candidates belong to Pakistan. The names of those are the following, Naz Shah, Khalid Mehmood, Yasmeen Qureshi, Afzal Khan, Tahir Ali, Mohammad Yaseen, Imran Hussain, Zara Sultana, and Shabana Mehmood belonged to Labour Party.

While, Nusrat Ghani, Imran Ahmed, Sajid Javed, Rehman Chishti, and Saqib Bhatti were successful candidates for the Conservative party.

This isn’t the first time when Muslims are getting so popular in UK politics, even before Muslims have secured great positions to serve the United Kingdom. Even before the elections, the name Mohammad was one of the top babies in the United Kindom.

According to the political analysists, the reason Boris won the election is because of his BREXIT narrative, which was delayed despite being voted for, with Boris the vision of BREXIT is clear for UK citizens as well as for the people living all around the world.

What do you think about UK general Election results? Let us know what will it mean for you and how it will shape the future of the United Kingdom.

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