“Muhammad” Becomes The Most Popular Name In The United Kingdom

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Muhammad is now one of the top 10 names in the united kingdom and it is one of the best news that comes across for the Muslims.

Muhammad just crowned as one of the most famous names for boys in England and Wales. Before this, William was the most favorable name for boys in the united kingdom.

Over the past 10 years, this name was trending at 35th rank in famous names rankings in the UK which has now touched 8th place. 3,908 Newly born babies in the UK are being named Muhammad, and this has been verified by empirical united kingdom’s digital data. The spellings of the same name can be different (Such as Mohammed, Mohammad) but all of this has counted as one and after the verification, this name has been ranked as the 8th most famous name in the UK.

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It is also put into the consideration that the Muslim population in the United Kingdom is increasing rapidly. In England, the total population of Muslims is 2,660,116 which is showing an increase of 5.02% as per the digital data. In the year 2011, at least  100,000 non-Muslims converted to Islam as well. From 2009 till 2016 the Muslim population is growing faster than the non-Muslim population in the united kingdom.

As per the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which stated that the increase in population is positively correlated with the baby name ranking.

Famous names like Jack, Charlie, Oliver, Harry, and Thomas are in the top 7 as these are one of the top names in the United Kingdom. All of these names are influenced by the Book, TV series and other reality shows. And Arya (Arya from the game of thrones) is one of the fastest growing names in the whole United Kingdom.

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Among these high competitive names, Muhammad still is one of the best names and most used names in the United Kingdom.


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