Netflix Is Making a TV Series on Dajjal Named as Messiah

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A good amount of films can be observed created on the concept of TV Series on Dajjal or “Anti-Christ” by Hollywood since it has been established.

Although, majority of these projects didn’t display him as a “False Messiah” yet, Netflix is about to release “Messiah”, to change this old concept.

The Islamic concept of “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal” is the basis of this series as its inspiration.

Here is the trailer of the TV Series on Dajjal, Messiah

Christianity displays the Anti-Christ people as the offspring of the Devil, as meant by majority of the religions in the world. They would cause the end of the world. According to Islam, the “False Messiah” is the word for Anti-Christ or “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal” which purely supports peace before tempest (Armageddon).

Before being revealed as “False Messiah”, Dajjal would purposely start a trend of spreading peace around the world to mislead the humans until the real appearance of Prophet Esa (AS) or Jesus Christ, as followed in Christianity, who will reveal the “False Messiah”.

A brown guy will move around Syria, Israel and USA and begins a cult which will gather attention of the country’s security, as mentioned in the released trailer.

Michelle Monaghan can be seen in the serried playing “Eva Geller” in the CIA department. Her motive in the drama is to stop TV series on Dajjal from affecting the geopolitical based dynamics.

Mysteriously, Dajjal would be intending Syria, the area of dispute, Texas, Southern right’s heart, and Israel, the argued Holy place. Hence, making their tagline understandable;

“Will he convert you?  Will he con you?”

The mind behind the creation of Messiah is Michael Petroni, who also established Till Human Voice Wake Us and Possession. Also, the script was developed by Michael Brandon Guercio.

Here is what people think about it;

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