Bab E Ludd, The Place Where Dajjal Will Be Killed

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Bab e Ludd is the place where Dajjal also known as Anti-Christ will be killed at this location. Prophet Isa will kill Dajjal at Bab e Ludd which is translated into The Gate of Ludd.

Everyone search for answers that where is Bab e Ludd ? and where is it located? And what do Quran and Hadith say about this?

Dajjal is highly followed by Zionist Jews who are waiting for him to arrive. But one of the things that are famous about Dajjal that he won’t be able to enter Madina.

Prophet Isa AS also known as Jesus in christianity, Muslims believe that he will come back to earth and he will come at the Minaret of Jesus, shown in the pictures below;

minaret of jesus
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bab e Ludd in Hadiths

bab e lud hadiths
bab e ludd hadiths
Dajjal killing hadiths (1)
Dajjal killing hadiths (2)
Dajjal killing hadiths (3)
who will kill dajjal (1)
who will kill dajjal (1)

Where is Bab e Ludd located ?

gate of lud facts
Photo: Islamic Landmarks
gate of ludd Bab E Ludd
Photo: Twitter

It is narrated in one of the hadiths, Bab e Ludd is located in the city of Lod, which is a village near Jerusalem located 15 kilometer south east of Tel Aviv.

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