Famous Social Activist From Tamil Nadu, Sabarimala Converts to Islam

Fatima Sabarimala Jayakanthan

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Following the reading of the Quran, Sabarimala Jayakanthan, an Indian activist for human rights, converted to Islam. Motivational speaker and social activist Sabarimala is well known in South India.

During Ramadan, she traveled to Makkah to perform Umrah after embracing Islam. In a video circulating on social media, she is seen reciting the Shahadah while standing inside the Grand Mosque of Makkah. Her name has been changed to Fatima Sabarimala.

She encourages Muslims to introduce the Quran to as many people as possible. I think the world should read what you have in your homes. You have a wonderful, amazing book. Everyone needs to read it.”

Fatima Sabarimala

In another video, Sabrimala explained her motivation for becoming a Muslim. In the viral video, she can be heard saying, “Now I love Islam more than myself.” After questioning herself why there is so much hatred toward Muslims in our nation, she started reading the Quran, curiously and without prior bias.

The woman who made the video pronounces Shahada, which means “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His messenger.”

India, making nearly 250 million Indian Muslims a “persecuted minority”

Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned scholar, author, and activist has said.

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