Saudi Arabia To Use Drone Technology for Hajj 2024

The authorities in Saudi Arabia have planned to introduce state-of-the-art drone surveillance for Hajj 2024. This initiative aims to ensure that the pilgrims are provided with a safe and secure environment.
Saudi Arabia to use Drone for Hajj 2024 Saftey
Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel

Saudi Arabia’s drone technology will be used to ensure cleanliness and safety on the routes leading to the holy sites.

Saudi Arabia is looking forward to enhancing the safety of pilgrims by deploying drone technology. The drones will ensure the access routes to holy places are met with the highest safety standards.

The use of the latest drone technology will streamline the inspection process. Drones allow quick examination of challenging areas like bridges and obstacles. The use of advanced technology in these drones including thermal scanning will ensure that the cleanliness and safety of roads aren’t compromised.

How will the drone technology work

  1. Inspection of Obstacles and Bridges: Challenging areas such as bridges and obstacles can be reached easily via drones. The drone will inspect those areas ensuring safety.
  2. Road Conditions Evaluation: Urgent issues that need to be addressed will be evaluated by the drones.
  3. Thermal Scanning: The surfaces of the roads can be studied for any safety issues by the use of thermal scanning technology employed in drones.
  4. Cleanliness Inspection: Drones will be responsible for monitoring the cleanliness of roads to provide pilgrims with a hygienic environment.

      The initiative to use drones for surveillance by the Saudi authorities underscores their dedication to adopting innovative solutions to enhance the Hajj experience.

      The authorities aim to provide a safe and secure environment to all the pilgrims thus ensuring that their Hajj experience is fulfilling.

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