Islam Is My Success, Says Famous Celebrity Akon


This week, UAE got the chance to see another side of Akon.

Aliaune Thiam, the half US and half Senegalese singer and rapper, ignored a club stage to support a forum for conveying an inspiring and important speech on Monday at the Entrepreneurial Festival held at Sharjah, shared by The National.

A minimum of 2000 people gathered as audience for Akon at Sharjah Expo Centre to know about his life from being a car thief towards a singer and social entrepreneur

Recently, Akon shared that he achieved higher level of satisfaction by staying away from the music industry.

As stated by Akon, the 46 year old singer got succeeded in transforming his businesses as per the teachings of Islam which involved a lighting business project providing solar power energy throughout Africa and the launch of the crypto-currency of his own named as Akoin.

Always perfect your abilities

He gave advice to the crowd and further added;

akon quotes

Akon said that with the help of spirituality he got the opportunity to evaluate his goals of his career part of life yet, being an emerging singer of the Music Industry. Also, he questioned;

Akon question

And then shared his thought on it;

Akon about Islam

These thoughts were the reason due to which he initiated the Akon Lighting Africa Project, he explained. At the moment, it is being utilized in 14 countries, which consists Senegal benefiting people more than 5000 in terms of employment.

Being greatly proud over the growing company, Akon stated that in the end his passions are linked with achieving the light ahead.

akon quote 2

He also pointed out that focusing on the impact, shall also serve productive towards success.

Back in 2015, Akon talked with The National regarding Islam and shared the about his background that, belonging from Senegal, music is considered Haraam (illegal) on the basis of what part of it you belong to.

Lastly, he added that he isn’t judging nor wants anyone to judge him. Whatever you act, justify it by doing it right.

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