7 Ways Muslim Married Couples Can Make Their Marriage Stronger

Muslim Married Couples
Photo by Ramiz Dedaković

Nowadays, many Muslim married couples are can be noted having a lot of conflicts in their marriage or some having failed marriages.

However, Islam has thought us to maintain peace and tranquility with sharing love and care. People have reached this situation as they forgot the teachings and behave as rivals with each other; having jealousy and selfishness.

Following the teachings of Holy Quran, further we have stated some main points which would help in strengthening your marriage:

1. Stay Kind and Understanding

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Both of them must understand their responsibilities as to protect and serve their home depending on their roles being Muslim married couples. Also, successful marriage can be explained as investing in it with kind towards the partner.

2. Spread Love

love bokeh
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Form love and obedience towards the teachings a base of your relationship with your spouse. This fact would make your love stronger for each other as your kindness in marriage would be assisting you in remembrance of Allah (SWT).

3. Take decisions together

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Decisions should be taken collectively considering each other’s importance in the house. Imposing decisions eliminates harmony and peace in a family.

4. Show gratitude

Show gratitude
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You can also communicate your love by expressing gratitude; verbally, buying something or helping around your partner.

5. Good Gestures

married muslim couples holding hand
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The couples should portray positive attitude by saying “Alhamdulillah” for what they have in their marriage. They should forgive and forget the mistakes and shortcomings of each other in order to spread peace and love in their life.

6. Share Affection

showing affection
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Talk about the joys and good times you had with your spouse. Emphasize his/her positive qualities in your conversations.

7. Communication is the key

married muslim couples talking
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You should always share your thoughts and feelings with each other, being married. Low level of communication often creates misunderstandings leading to arguments and fights.

If you’re unmarried and willing to get married soon, we have duas for marriage for you to recite.

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