Muslims in Norway To Distribute 10,000 Copies of the Holy Quran for Free

Norway To Distribute 10000 Copies of the Holy Quran

The Muslims of Norway have shared their plan to give out 10000 copies of the Holy Quran by partnering with the Norwegian translations in response to the hate and racism, as reported from Stockholm.

According to the Norwegian Association of Muslim Arts and Culture, it would form a partnership with the Mosque of Minhajul Quran and Islam Literature Association.

It is a reaction to the incident in which a copy of the Holy Quran was about to set on burning by an extreme right-wing group of people within their protest held at Kristiansand, an area having a maximum population of migrants.

The members of SION (Stop the Islamization of Norway) were being restricted by the police from disrespecting. Though, the leader of the group somehow managed to through the Holy Quran in the nearby garbage.

Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan showed their strong support with the process of formal criticism issuance to this incident which happened on November 16th.

The Association of Muslim Arts and Council said that they desire to respond to this negative happening with the help of awareness of knowledge and love. Further, they directed that the copies would be handed out through the internet.

The Ambassador of Turkey, Oslo Fazli, shared Anadolu Agency that his team accompanies developments very closely which completely relies on the Norwegian Muslim Community. A meeting with Islam Council and Norway was formed by Kallmyr after Muslim Community’s reactions.

After yesterday’s meeting with the representative of the Islamic Council, Minister Kallmyr conveyed that the Anti-Islamic Union have got distanced by Norway and doesn’t get any support from Norway, as Corman spoke.

Additionally, Kallmayr explained that the safety of the Muslim Community of Norway and Norwegian Citizens both have the same level of importance.

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