Deleting WhatsApp Accounts of Kashmiris To Cut Communication

Deleting WhatsApp Account of Kashmiris

Facebook-owned social media platform, Whatsapp, is now deleting WhatsApp accounts of Kashmiris due to inactivity for the last 120 days.


Four months have been passed since the day India cut all the communication lines for Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir. For the last four months, Kashmirs are not able to use the Internet, Telephone lines or any method of communication with the outside world.

Now, As per the latest WhatsApp policy, all the accounts that are not active for the last four months will be deleted meaning Kashmiri WhatsApp accounts will be deleted forever!

People around the world are getting agitated why their account has been closed. This problem was highlighted when all of a sudden Kashmiri people started leaving all of the groups at once.

The Islamic Information staff reported, Dua Shehzad contacted Whatsapp and asked them why it happened, in answer to this Whatsapp said; “WhatsApp follows 120 days inactivity policy to protect the data, since those people are inactive for more than 120 days due to non-availability of internet, we thought it would be in the best interest if we deactivate their profiles.

The same answer was given to BuzzFeed News, in which WhatsApp further explained that when Whatsapp deletes an account it automatically gets removed from all the groups, broadcasts and family lists. People have to wait until Kashmiris come back on Whatsapp so that they can read them to the groups.

India is showing no soft corner to allow Kashmiris to have contact with the outer world. Kashmiris are still lacking in gaining the basic necessities and now they’re unable to communicate with their loved ones due to non-availblity of the internet.

We had also written an article on Kashmir Genocide, for those who are unaware of what is happening right now in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK).

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