Why Muslims Are Boycotting Nas Daily (Nuseir Yassin)?

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The Palestinian Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement Issued a boycott call earlier this month inviting people all over the world to snub famous vlogger and YouTuber, Nuseir Yassin, aka Nas Daily.

The call was made for the purpose of Nas’s trying to normalize the UAE-Israel normalization deal. It was criticized extensively by people from Arab states and beyond as well as Palestinians on both the official and popular levels.

A Palestinian media activist Israa Elshareef lately reported that she has left participating in the training program which was hard to connect.

Only 80 Arab content creators are chosen for Nas Academy’s program to gain stipends in exchange for the production of videos for six months.

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In a video titled ‘’Beware of losers Arabs,’’ Nas has answered to the BDS calling those who condemned them as ‘’Enemies of Success’’.

After four years he reported that 30 million people determined to follow me and I determine to reveal those people some positive aspects.

During historic Palestine, this 28-year-old social media influencer was born in Arraba village. Israel prefers to appear him to see as Arab-Israeli but he defines himself as Palestinian Israeli and travels with an Israeli passport.

Some say that he’s an Israeli agent while many Palestinians blame him for whitewashing Israelis war crimes against them.

Nas Daily observing the conflict (Arab-Isreal) though its historic prisms conclude that ‘’life is too short’’ but Nas is comfortable with acknowledging Palestine Israel as a conflict.

nas daily israeli

Kuwait Airlines did not allow him from boarding its flight due to the reason for him holding an Israeli passport in 2017. Since Kuwait does not acknowledge Israel, its companies, airlines, are prohibited from working for a business with Israel.

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A Palestinian social media expert, Khalid Safi reported that the BDS call might be proven useless since it would only make him famous no matter how controversial the content.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

The Palestinian Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement Issuing a boycott to this israeli zionist sleeper cell is in the Right Direction.

Israel has not answered the world for its genocide of Palestinians for the past 72 years.

With the Palestinian blood on their hands for eternity, they have managed to ink a deal with some so called Muslim Arab nations. And they continue to massacre and destroy Palestinians and their homes to this very day.

It is our duty to identify these israeli sleeper cells in every Muslim country and deal with them properly

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