6 Names of Makkah In The Quran

Each of the six names of Makkah holds significant importance in its own way.
Names of Makkah in Quran

Several names of Makkah have been mentioned in the Quran in different Surahs revealed at different locations and moments. Each name has its own significance in terms of its meaning.

The birthplace of the Holy Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him), and the most significant spiritual place in Islam, Makkah, also known as Mecca, was built by Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.).

This sacred place has been mentioned several times in the Quran, and several names have been attributed to this place, each carrying its own significance and importance.

The following are the names of Makkah as per the Quran;

1. Makkah

Kaaba Makkah

This is the most common and primary name for the city. The Quran mentions Makkah in Chapter 48, Surah Al-Fath, Verse 24. This Surah was revealed when the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was returning from Makkah after the Treaty of Hudaibiya.

It signifies a victory for Muslims, which is one of the important milestones in Islamic history.

2. Bakkah


As mentioned in Surah Al-Imran, Verse 96, Bakkah is another name for Makkah. In this verse, it is referred to as the first house of worship built by mankind, highlighting its historical and religious significance.

3. Umm al-Qura

Umm al Qura

In Surah As Shura, Verse 7, Makkah is referred to as Umm Al Qura, meaning “Mother of All Cities.” This Surah was revealed before the Hijrah of the Holy Prophet to Madinah and underscores that this religion is the same as that ordained for previous Prophets.

4. Al Balad

Al Balad

Surah Ibrahim, Verse 35, mentions Makkah as Al-Balad, emphasizing its status as the most secure place. This revelation came 2-3 years before the Hijrah, during a time of severe persecution of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his followers. The Surah focuses on Tauheed, the Day of Judgment, and the story of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and the construction of the Kaaba.

5. Al Balad Al Ameen

Al Balad Al Ameen

Surah At-Tin, Verse 3, refers to Makkah as Al Balad Al Ameen, which translates to “Secure City.” This name underscores the safety and sanctity of the city.

6. Al Baldah

Another name for Makkah is mentioned in Surah Al-Naml, Verse 91, as Al Baldah.

Makkah, with its various unique names, is a city of significance in Islam. It is the same place that marked the beginning of prophethood for the last messenger of Allah.

The difference in names highlights the religious importance and historical significance of the spiritual place, with each name having a unique importance in its own way.

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