Research Confirms Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith About Napping Can Reduce Stress

Scientific and practical research confirms the benefits of an afternoon nap, which is a Sunnah.
napping hadith
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Islamic Sunnah combined with Dan Buttener and several research wins scientific validation of afternoon naps to reduce stress and heart disease.

In today’s modern world and research, the scientific discovery of science and the teachings of Islam and Sunnah are aligned with each other.

Among these practices is the afternoon nap called Qailulah, which is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Sunan Ibn Maja 1102.

hadith about sleeping in the afternoon

Modern scientific research now confirms the wisdom of this practice taught to Muslims 1400 years ago.

A study in Spain found that an afternoon nap of 30 minutes or less was associated with a 21% reduction in blood pressure risk compared with longer naps. This finding underscores the health benefits of incorporating a short afternoon nap into our daily routines.

In addition, another study focusing on the effects of a short daytime nap on cognitive performance found that a short afternoon nap can significantly improve cognitive performance and brain health.

With the Danish Twin Study in the limelight, which says that the way we live has a greater impact on our lifespan as compared to the impact of genes. In simple words, we have more control over our lifespan than we can ever imagine.

In 2003, another curious explorer and National Geographic writer named Dan Buttener embarked on an extraordinary journey.

Accompanied by a team of experts in anthropology, nutrition, history, and genetics, they delved into population data and visited regions where individuals were known to live well into their hundreds. These regions, called “blue zones,” held invaluable insights.

Their discoveries were nothing short of astounding. They discovered and noted common lifestyle factors among these long-lived individuals. An important factor in this formula for longevity was the incorporation of stress-reducing activities that lead to good health.

Among these practices, the afternoon nap stood out as a daily ritual in the lives of the Icarians in Greece, which was considered one of the blue zones marked by the experts.

The convergence of these scientific findings with ancient Sunnahs serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of Islamic practices that have been ignored in modern times.

It encourages us to reflect on the significance of these timeless Islamic Sunnahs and consider incorporating them into our own lives, as they offer invaluable insights for our overall well-being.

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