7 Secrets Behind Surah Fatiha With Benefits and Translation

Surah Fatiha Translation Benefits Secrets

7 secrets behind Surah Fatiha that will benefit you in your life. You will get the translation of Surah Fatiha which will help you understand it better.

There are 7 secrets behind Surah Fatiha which everyone should know.

1. Fatiha is the greatest chapter in the Holy Quran

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said to his companion that he would teach him the greatest chapter in the Holy Quran, he (PBUH) taught him Surah Fatiha. (Cited from Sahih al Bukhari)

2. It is the pillar of Salah

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that if a person does not recite Surah Fatihah in his prayer (Salah), His prayer becomes INVALID. (Cited from Tirmidhi)

3. This surah is a cure for the disease

A companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH once recited Surah Fatiha after a scorpion bite after seeing this Prophet PBUH commanded him saying, “How did you know it was a Cure (Ruqyah)?” (Cited from Sahih al Bukhari)

4. It was sent from Heaven as a light

An angel approached Prophet PBUH and asked him about it, to which Prophet Muhammad PBUH answered that there are two lights from heaven, one is Fatiha and the other one is Baqarah. (Cited from Sahih al Bukhari)

5. This surah is a Mother of Quran

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that Surah Fatihah is the Mother of Quran, Mother of the Book as well as seven repeated verses of it are the great recitation. (Cited from Tirmidhi)

6. This Surah is the seven often repeated verses

It is the seven often repeated verses, it is also mentioned in Surah Al Hijr Verse 87.

Surah Al Hijr Verse 87

7. This surah is a cure for the heart

This surah contains a prayer that protects from the anger of Allah and misguidance. This also protects our heart from getting all sorts of evil intentions.

Surah Fatiha Translation

Here is the translation of Surah Fatiha in English

Surah Fatiha Translation English 1

Surah Fatiha Benefits

  • This surah is labeled as As-Shifa, because it has a cure to the disease.
  • If you’re in debt or facing poverty this surah is perfect for you, you must recite it.
  • It also secures us from the fears of the Enemy, jealousy and evil eye.
  • It is the dua that Allah taught himself to the people.

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