10 Facts about Riaz Ul Jannah That Every Muslim Needs To Know

Riaz Ul Jannah Facts

Facts about Riaz Ul Jannah that you must know before visiting Masjid an Nabawi next time. These are some of the facts that every Muslim should keep in mind.

1. What is Riaz ul Jannah

Riaz Ul Jannah And Mehrab

The center of Masjid an Nabawi is considered Riaz ul Jannah. It is considered the most auspicious location inside Masjid an Nabawi. The area is segregated for men and women as shown in the map below.

2. Riaz ul Jannah Map

Riaz Ul Jannah Map

Many people get confused about the map of Riaz ul-Jannah, so we at The Islamic Information has provided a completed map which shows every way that leads to the location.

3. Riaz Ul Jannah timing for Females

It is not open for ladies during the daytime. The timings to visit this place is different for both men and women. Women can visit this place after Fajr, Duhr and Isha Prayer. The gate for it opens differently for men and women.

4. Dua for Riaz Ul Jannah

Riaz Ul Jannah Dua 3

People usually message us about the dua they should recite while visiting this. There is no such dua to recite while visiting this place. But our Prophet Muhammad PBUH woulda always keen to pray and make dua at this place.

5. It is one of the Gardens of Jannah

Riaz Ul Jannah Garden Jannah 2

6. Green Carpet in Masjid Nabawi

Raiz Ul Jannah Green Carpet Masjid An Nabawi

You will see the red carpet in Masjid an Nabawi but the area of Riaz ul Jannah is carpeted with Green carpet inside Masjid an Nabawi. This area is called Rawdah green carpet area.

7. Entering Riaz Ul Jannah

There are two main gates of Riaz ul Jannah, You can visit it during Tahajjud time, as well as you can visit this place from 8 am till 10 am as it is less crowded.

8. Prayers are always accepted at Riaz al Jannah

Prayers made in this place is never rejected by Allah SWT. This is the reason this place is so crowded all the time.

9. It is a piece of Jannah in Madinah

Riyadh Ul Jannah

It is called the piece of Jannah on Earth. Muslims try to offer two rakats for forgiveness. And one prayer is equal to 1,000 times offering prayer.

10. More things you should know about it

Visiting this place is not a prerequisite of Hajj or Umrah, so in case if you find this place crowded or you were unable to visit then there is no problem, just make dua that you get a chance to see this place. Because most of the people usually hurry and that causes havoc.

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