Why Muslims Are Boycotting ‘Animal’ Movie?

The famous movie ‘Animal’ has sparked controversy among the Muslim community for its promotion of violence and immorality.
animal 2023 transformed
Ranbir Kapoor on the poster of Animal 2023. (Image Credit: IMDB)

The famous movie released in India violates basic Islamic principles of peace, and the rights of women which calls for Muslims to boycott the movie and follow the example of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him who is indeed the true hero of mankind and a Mercy to the world.

A recent film, ‘Animal,’ has gained popularity in India, but a significant number of Muslims are consciously choosing not to engage with it. The primary reason behind this decision lies in the unsettling content of the movie, prompting questions within the Muslim community on its alignment with their values.

The central character in the movie engages in morally questionable actions, including violence, mistreatment of women, mass murder, adultery, consumption of intoxicants, and harm to innocent newborn children.

The story of mistreatment, violence, and cheating and the behavior of the main emotionless character have created discomfort not only among the Muslim viewers but also several other people who are doubting to support a movie that depicts unacceptable content.

In Islam, the significance of ethical and kind treatment towards women has been emphasized in several places derived from the Quran and the Hadith.

The Quran states in Surah Al Maida that unjustly taking the life of a single human being is just like harming the whole of humanity. (5:32) However the famous movie “Animal” consists of various scenes where the lead role carries out mass murders.

Surah Al Maidah 32

Moreover in Surah Al Isra, Ayah 31 Allah has ordered not to kill innocent babies for the sake of poverty as the rizq of the children are already written and provided by Allah.

Surah Al Isra 31

The movie boldly showcases the hero harming women around him which is again unacceptable as per Islamic values. Prophet Muhammad‘s teachings underscore that the best believers exhibit perfect faith through virtuous conduct and are best to their wives. (Tirmidhi 1162)

‫Jami at Tirmidhi 1162

Islamic principles also highlight the values of kindness and forgiveness. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, known for his compassionate nature, forgave even those who were unkind to him. The Holy Prophet peace be upon him is described as the mercy of the world in Surah Anbiya Ayah 107.

Surah Al Anbya 107

Muslims are therefore questioning the compatibility of a movie that showcases a character engaged in negative behavior, contrary to the teachings of mercy and forgiveness.

Consequently, many Muslims are choosing to refrain from watching the ‘Animal’ movie. This decision is not a rejection of cinema as a whole but a conscious effort to select movies that align not only with Islamic beliefs but also promote peace and harmony. 

Those abstaining from ‘Animal’ are not attempting to dictate others’ choices; rather, they aim to communicate a preference for movies that align with values of decency and respect. 

It’s a call for filmmakers to be mindful of the content they produce, creating movies that contribute positively to values of the society keeping in mind that the younger youth is much inspired by the fictional characters in the movie.

Muslims should always look upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for guidance and make him the hero of our lives.

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