Address Prayer Hall In Jabal Omar Hotel Makkah Recognized as the Highest Prayer Hall in the World

The suspended prayer hall, located between the twin towers of the Jabal Omar Hotel has achieved the recognition of being the highest prayer hall in the world.
Address Prayer Hall Jabal Omar Hotel

The Address Prayer Hall has been recognized as the highest prayer hall in the world, The prayer hall is a part of Jabal Omer Hotel near the holy mosque and offers a stunning view of the holy mosque and the Ka’bah.

Makkah’s famous landmark The Address Prayer Hall has made history by becoming the highest prayer hall in the world and getting recognition from the Guinness World of Book Record. The prayer hall is a symbol of faith and beauty and is located between two towers that offer a splendid view of the holy mosque and the Kaaba

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The Address Prayer Hall is part of the Jabal Omar Hotel “The Address”, a luxury hotel built by the Jabal Omar Development Company. Within the sky bridge the prayer hall is 165.013 m high. The recognition was received on 23rd December 2023 which gained widespread attention throughout the world.

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The Jabal Omar Hotel is one of the biggest hotels with several rooms and suites along with restaurants, cafes, a spa, and a fitness center. The hotel is located near the holy mosque which raises its value

The prayer hall is 165 meters above the ground and is situated on a suspension bridge that connects the two towers of the famous hotel according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Not only this the prayer hall offers a stunning view of the Holy Kaaba and the Mosque Al Haram as well.

The prayer hall marked by its magnificent architecture offers a spiritual experience and opens up the beauty of Makkah. Equipped with modern facilities and services worshippers from different backgrounds can be benefited in the prayer hall. The place offers an amazing experience and is a place where people can join in prayer, have a view of the Holy Kaaba, and feel closer to Allah

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The hotel is owned by a leading real estate sector, the Jabal Omar Development Company which aims to develop the area around the holy mosque to facilitate pilgrims from all over the world and provide high-quality services to visitors. Besides the famous hotel, the company is working hard on several other projects to enhance the beauty of Makkah

Address prayer hall jabal omar

With the Address Hall getting the title of the highest prayer hall, Makkah is known for having a new wonder apart from the holy site. Innovation and tradition are working together to develop the region of Makkah.

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