Indonesian Muslim GoalKeeper, Choirul Huda Dies During Live Match

Indonesian Muslim GoalKeeper Choirul Huda Dies During Live Match

Choirul Huda was the goalkeeper of the team Indonesia national football team. Who died right after colliding with a teammate during a live match.


Choriul Huda was born on 2nd June 1979 who was a goalkeeper as well as an Indonesian civil servant. He started his career in 1999 and played for the same football club until his death. During the live TV match, Huda lost his life after he got in an accident with the other player.

38 years old player Choriul, lost his life after suffering from neck and head trauma after he collided with the player, Ramon Rodrigues. During Indonesia Super League, Mr. Rodrigues and Huda were playing for the same team Persela against the team Semen Padang. The accident occurred after the first 40 minutes when huda tried to save the goal by coming out but end up getting severely injured.

The basic treatment was given at the side pitch but it didn’t seem to recover his injury, later Huda was rushed to the hospital and after doctor kept on trying to save him but at 5:15 pm he was declared died by the doctors.

Doctor Zaki Mubarok, who was handling Huda’s case said that when they brought Huda to the hospital he was breathing but slowly his stopped breathing and died at 5:15 pm.

Persela FC declared his death by tweeting about him and giving him tribute.

Video of Choirul Huda’s Death

Huda played 500 matches for Persela FC and stayed with the same club during his 18 years of the professional football career. Huda was considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the whole Indonesia.

The game in which Huda was playing, was won by his team Persela FC by 2 goals. But at the end Huda lost his life during the live match.

Prayers for his family and friends in this tough time.

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