Video Of Woman Beating Harassers in Saudi Arabia Goes Viral

Video Of Woman Beating Harassers in Saudi Arabia Goes Viral

Video showing a Woman beating the group of Harassers in public in Saudi Arabia. This video went viral on social media gaining a huge number of engagements and praises for the woman who took a step to fight for herself.

Recently we talked about sexual harassment during Tawaf and now this video emerged on social media which is a sign that harassment in Saudi Arabia is real! And no one can simply deny it.

As per the report of Akhbaar 24, this incident took place in Riyadh. Alya Street was the location where she beat up the Harassers. Alya Street is one of those places which is usually crowded and many people, men and women come here in their spare time.

The time of this incident is unclear as this video went viral on Twitter and on twitter it was uploaded on Sunday evening.

This video shows a group of men trying to dominate a girl by using foul language in front of her. And eventually, that leads to further harassment. Since this was a public humiliation for the woman, so she grabbed a wooden stick and hit the men who were harassing her, she has seen hitting them back as they approach near her.

This was the video which went viral

As soon as it uploaded online, the people have started sharing it and till now thousands of people have interacted to this whereas praising girl’s effort to take a stand for her rather than waiting for anyone else.

Whereas, some said she was roaming around with no headscarf which provoked the men to harass her.

In Islam, everyone is directed to respect women, but seeing such incident is something heartbreaking. Women should always be respect and the government should keep these men who harassed her behind the bars until they realize the huge mistake they made.

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