Pilgrims Can Only Visit Riaz Ul Jannah Once a Year

New regulations introduced by Saudi authorities for visiting Al Rawdah Al Sharif to maintain a smooth flow of pilgrims.
rawdah of prophet muhammad pbuh

Visitors will only be allowed once a year at Al Rawdah Al Sharif and they can spend only ten minutes at the holy site.

    Al Rawdah Al Sharif is a pious place located at the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah. It is also known as the Riyad al Jannah or one of the Gardens of Paradise.

    Muslims from all around the world visit this pious place to pray and get peace. With the increasing crowd in Madinah, the General Authority for the Care of Two Holy Mosques has devised a detailed set of guidelines that must be followed by all the individuals visiting the Al Rawdah Al-Sharif.

    The guidelines are prepared to ensure each visitor gets a chance to visit the holy place thus providing each individual with the same experience.

    As per the guidelines, any individual visiting Al Rawdah Al-Sharif will be allowed inside for a maximum of ten minutes. Moreover, visitors will not be allowed to pray or go inside the pious place more than once a year.

    In case an individual cannot visit the place after booking an appointment, they may cancel it in advance. This will allow other Muslims to visit the holy place. If an individual fails to cancel the visit prior they may not be able to book another visit for one whole year.

    The specific instructions regarding entry into the Al Rawdah Al-Sharif will be accessible to the pilgrims after they have obtained a permit through the Nusuk application.

    To make sure the operations are carried out smoothly, the entrance at the gate of Al Rawdah Al-Sharif will be via barcode scanning. Individuals without a barcode will be denied to enter the holy place.

    These measures taken by the General Authority for the Care of Two Holy Mosques will ensure a smooth flow of pilgrims ensuring a peaceful and orderly experience at the holy site.

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