Mass Shooting In Mosques In Christchurch in New Zealand – 50 Died

Mass Shooting In Mosques In Christchurch in New Zealand - Many Deaths
Photo: Fox News

There are many deaths are being reported after Mass Shooting happened at the Two mosques in the city Christchurch in New Zealand, police confirmed.

Police have taken Three men and one woman into their custody. Muslims told that they went running for their lives when they saw bodies on the ground at the Al Noor Mosque and linwood mosque.

masjid al noor linwood mosque
Photo: CNN/Google

The suspect was a white guy, wearing Uniform must be in his 20s, CNN reported. Mike Bush, New Zealand police Commissioner said there were also Explosive devices were found which the suspects attached to their own vehicles.

One of the shooter is believed to be Australian.

brenton Tarrant
Brenton Tarrant, who killed 60+ Muslims in Christchurch shooting in New Zealand – Photo: Facebook Screengrab

TVNZ journalist Anna Burns-Francis tells that the shooter is believed to be a Australian national. Suspect is identified as Brenton Tarrant. Confirms PM Morrison.

New Zealand Police has issued a note, that a person 28 years old have been charged with the murder of 49 Muslims in New Zealand while the other three remain in New Zealand’s police.

Witness Len Peneha told the Al Jazeera that a men wearing Dark clothes entered mosques and then they heard the gunshots. They youngest person who died is as young as 3 years old.

Death Toll

At least 50 have been reported dead. And 60 reported injured.

87 Pages Long Anti Immigrant, Anti Muslim manifesto was posted by the Attacker.

Attacker posted 87 pages long manifesto on his social media which suggests “Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim” approach. In the post it was explained that how an attack on Muslim is justified. Although, the manifesto was not signed by anyone.

All Christchurch schools and mosques have been shut down until further notice.

In the first sight i thought it was the electric shock making people running away but later, i saw the bodies, i still have some of my friends inside. I have been calling the people i know who went into these two mosques but none of them are responding.

Mohan Ibrahim, told the New Zealand Herald, who was in the area of the Al Noor mosque.

Witnesses at the mosque Al Noor which is located in the center of Christchurch reported people bleeding on the ground outside the building.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister called it one of the darkest days for New Zealand. The shooting had started at 1:40pm New Zealand’s local time. One of the person who was in mosque to pray Duhr prayer told that the shooter shoot for 10 to 15 minutes.

Bangladeshi cricket team was in the same city where it happened, but was not at this mosque. So the team is safe.

Christchurch mass shooter live streamed all the shooting live on Facebook which was later deleted

Police said they are well aware of the video that shooter had streamed live. And urging people not to share such graphic video with others.

New Zealand caters a very small Muslim population in the world, Only 1% Muslims are living in New Zealand, as per New Zealand’s governmental statistics, the numbers are less than 50,000.

New Zealand’s journalist Journalist Chris Lynch, told that Al Noor Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in New Zealand, which is also known as the most peaceful mosque.

The lock down is lifted from New Zealand’s city as of now as police clears the situation. New Zealand PM has labelled this attacked as the deadliest attack in the history of New Zealand.

The world condemns the Terrorist attack on Muslims in Christchurch

Many celebrities, politicians and other famous figures have condemned this attack on the Muslim community in the New Zealand.

Terrorist Brenton Tarrant Is a Trump Supporter, claims Daily Mail

A new report published by Daily Mail, which claims that Brenton Tarrant is a Trump supporter.

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