A Muslim Charity Raised £3,000 In An Hour For Westminster Attack Victims

Westminster london
Westminster – Photo: PIXABAY
Westminster attack london
Westminster Attack aftermath! – Photo: PIXABAY

Westminster Attack: A Muslim charity raised £3,000 In An Hour for the victims of Westminster attack that took place a few days ago. WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

The group Muslims United for London is making effort to support the victims and their family who are left behind alone. And affirmed that the funds collected through this campaign will go directly to the families of victims.

On twitter they shared:

The person, Muddassar Ahmed, who is running the group Muslims United for London told a local TV channel during an interview that, he saw that horror scenes of sheer brutality and that was the time when he started collecting money for the victims of Westminster attack that took place a few days ago.

Akeela Ahmed further shared the tweet which says that up till now they have collected over 16,000 euros for the families of the victims while their target is 20,000 euros.

As well as, Mohammad Shafiq who is the chief executive of Ramadhan Foundation has asked to increase the security outside the mosques in the United Kingdom.

This was further stated that the group has said, “Money can’t bring back the lives lost but it can be a great help for the families and victims themselves.”

Furthermore, they stated, “The terrorists are using Muslim names to divide the nations and spread the hatred among the people all around the world. Islam preaches humanity and love, and strongly discourages the killing of any human on earth and especially in the united kingdom where the majority of the Muslim are residing, are their target to divide us, May ALLAH protect all of us”

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