‘It’s a Beautiful Religion’, American Comedian Dave Chappelle After Converting to Islam

Dave Chappelle

The actor and comedian Dave Chapelle belonging from America is a firm believer of the Islamic faith. As some years passed, this 47-year-old actor has made a long-lasting relationship with his religion and has upheld strong beliefs.

The actor and comedian, Dave Chapelle holds a very unique view about the religion of Islam. He practiced Islam for most of his life. The actor has been able to inspire his priceless religious values in his daily routine.

Recently, in the latest season of the Netflix series, the actor and comedian Dave made a special appearance on the show My Guest Needs No Introduction with the host David Letterman. In that interview, the American superstar sat down and had an interview that provided all the details of how his faith grew stronger.

The actor stated that he wanted to have a meaningful life and a spiritual life and not just something my hands can hold. He further said that he always had this notion that there should be some meaning in life.

The 47-year-old described his visit to a local pizza shop as a 17-year-old in Washington DC he told that the thing which caught his attention was the generosity and positive vibes of the Muslim staff.

During the interview segments, the actor shared his favorite stories from the history of Islam which was about the origins of Zamzam water. He further described how his faith gave him a chance to use comedy for a greater purpose.

Dave Chappelle also told that he would love to go to Saudi Arabia for a visit and one day he would like to see where the location where Zamzam water was founded. He concluded that Islam is a beautiful religion.

In 2018, Canadian solo female adventurer Rosie Gabrielle and Netherland Boxing star both converted to Islam.

H/T: Los Angeles Times

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