Uighur Muslims Forced To Eat Pork As China Expands Pig Farming

Uighur Muslims Forced To Eat Pork

China has increased pig farming in Xingjiang and Uighur Muslims forced to eat pork, as told by Uighur Muslim women to Al Jazeera.

In China’s westernmost region of Xinjiang, more than two years have passed since Sayragul Sautbay was discharged from a re-education camp. While she was detained she described that she is still suffering from nightmares and flashbacks from humiliation and violence she has been through.

Sautbay is a medical doctor and educator belonging from Sweden and recently a book was published by her where she gave details about her witness beatings, forceful sexual abuses, and forces sterilization.

She gave more details on other indignities to which the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities were targeted which included the consumption of pork which is strictly prohibited in Islam. As she told in a recent interview with Al Jazeera.

Sautbay stated that every Friday they were forced to eat pork meat and they have chosen a day intensionally which is holy for Muslims and if someone rejects it then they will give you a harsh punishment as told by Sautbay.

Indications were provided by testimonies from Sautbay and others of how in Xinjiang, China has sought to crack down by aiming at the cultural and religious beliefs of the Muslim minorities implementing widespread surveillance and from about 2017 opening a network of camps it has justified as necessary to counter extremism.

The documents and state-approved news articles and support talk with Uighurs communities and they have tried to promote more and increase the rate of pig farming in the region, according to German anthropologist and Uighur.

On the first day of Ramadan, a deal was signed on April 23 which states that pig farming is not for exporting purposes but instead to ensure the supply of pork in Kashgar.

In May one news article was published which described a new farm in the southern Kashgar area which leads to producing 40,000 pigs each year.

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