Pakistani Cricketer Mohammad Rizwan Seen Praying During Pakistan v India T20 Match

Mohammad Rizwan

Pakistan vs. India in International T20 Worldcup has been the most anticipated game of this year. But in the midst of this, Pakistani batsman and wicket-keeper were seen offering prayer during the drinks break. The same batsman, along with Baber Azam, led Pakistan to a historic win.

During the drinks break, Mohammad Rizwan took some time to offer prayers on the pitch in Dubai International Stadium as other players rested.

Have a look at the video:

Right after this moment, he and Babar Azam then broke the unbeatable streak of India beating Pakistan since 1992. Finally, in 2021, Pakistan kicked India out in a sensible play.

The Pakistan 10-wicket-win marks the first international win over India. Fans danced outside the stadium shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long Live Pakistan). The Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, also congratulated the Pakistani cricket team.

Not just the Pakistanis, even Indian legendary cricket, Virender Sehwag was also in awe of the performance of the Pakistani cricket team;

Surely, Mohammad Rizwan knew if some bows down to Allah, SWT does not bow in front of anyone in the world.

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