Sri Lanka Starts Cremating Muslim Babies Dying from Coronavirus

Sri Lanka Cremating Muslim Babies Coronavirus
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As Sri Lanka has been cremating Muslims who died from coronavirus, robbing them of the last Islamic rites. Recently Sri Lanka has started cremating Muslim Babies dying from Coronavirus, the country has cremated a 20-day-old Muslim baby which sparked anger and the Government’s ongoing issues with the Muslim community.

20-year-old baby was born to Mohamed Fahim and Fathima Shafna, his wife after six years of wait. And unfortunately, the baby couldn’t survive as the baby catches coronavirus.

On the night of December 7, the parents noticed that the baby is having trouble breathing and was rushed to the hospital, the Lady Ridgeway.

The staff that the Lady Ridgeway hospital told the parents that the baby is in critical condition. Later, the staff ran a coronavirus test on the baby which came out positive.

When the doctors tested both parents, Fahim and Fathima, they came out negative.

The parents were sent home, parting them from their children who were still fighting the battle of his life. The next day, hospital staff called the parents and told them their baby is no more.

The couple requested a PCR test to confirm his death was due to covid-19 but the Hospital refused to run the tests.

Then doctors asked the male guardian to sign a government document which makes it lawful to cremate the baby, but Fahim, the father refused.
He cited that the cremation of bodies is haram (prohibited) in Islam. And told he wants his baby to be buried like Muslims.

Despite his protest, the government went on to cremate the body of his 20-year-old son. Just like many other Muslims whose loved ones were cremated just because they passed away due to coronavirus.

Fahim said that he has asked many times to give the body of his baby back to him, but the authorities have refused his claims.

Recently Worth Health Organisation (WHO) has also taken notice of these unjustified cremations of Muslim bodies and has asked Sri Lanka to change its cremation policies.

After this news went viral many groups belonging to different faiths such as Christians and Muslims were on the roads to protest against the unlawful cremation of bodies.

People have also been protesting about the matter on Social Media.
Some people have also claimed that the government has removed “white cloth” also known as Coffin overnight to stop Muslims to get a proper burial.

Many Muslims have claimed it to be a racist agenda.

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