Over 800 Injured In A Deadly 6.4-magnitude Earthquake In Iran

Over 800 people have received serious injuries in a deadly 6.4-magnitude earthquake that shook entire Tehran, western Iran.

The deadly earthquake hit the Kermanshah province on 26th of November 2018, about 17 kilometres from the southwest of Sarpol e Zahab city as per Iran’s Institute of Geophysics.

The state TV is reporting over 800 injuries but no news of any death has been given by Iran’s state television channels.

State TV showed the images of broken houses after earthquake shakes Tehran, Iran. There were several earthquakes at once, when it started it was 6.4-magnitude earthquake, which was later hit by after shocks which were of 5.2 magnitude over the rector scale.

The head of Iran’s Red Crescent Society, Morteza Salimi, stated that people injured because of stampede after they felt the first strong tremors. People ran, which injured huge amount of people.

News Agency, AFP said the tremors were also felt in the Iraqi city of Baghdad. The head of Iran’s Red Crescent Society, Morteza Salimi, told that this is the same month, last year the earthquake of 7.3 magnitude hit Iran and Iraq too.

In Iraq and Iran, the month of November and December have been deadliest as these two countries have been hit by earthquakes in these two months very frequently.

Having the routine same year, it caused Iran and Iraq to lose many innocent lives. Since, it is totally out of the human control so Iraq and Iran is trying their best to provide first aid to those who are affected by these earthquake.

This is a developing story, more updates will be posted as soon as we have the update on this incident that took place in Tehran, Iran.

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