Is Nikkah Allowed While On Period (Menstruation)

Nikkah Allowed While On Period Menstruation

An important issue however arises whether is it allowed for women to do nikkah while in the menstruation (period) cycle or not.

Nikkah in Islam is a marriage contract between a man and a woman which establishes their duties as husband and wife according to Islamic principles.

Nikkah is an important event in a Muslim’s life as it is considered as half of the deen and it is necessary to ensure that all Islamic guidelines are followed during this process.

Validity of Nikkah in the State of Menstruation (Periods)

Nikah will be valid.


According to most Muslim scholars, it is permissible to read Nikkah when a woman is menstruating. The evidence is as follows;

  • There is no express prohibition in the Qur’an or authentic Hadith to perform Nikkah during menstruation.
  • Menstruation is a temporary condition that occurs in every woman’s life which doesn’t affect the ability of the women to engage in marriage. The permissibility of Nikkah during menstruation is in accordance with the general Islamic principle that everything is permissible unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.
  • Nikkah is just a marriage contract that establishes the duties of a woman and man as legal Husband and wife as per Islamic principles. It does not require physical implementation during the contract. The couple can delay the termination until the woman’s period is over.
  • If the Nikkah takes place during menstruation, the couple can make their relationship public and recognized by the community. It provides legal protection and defines the rights and obligations of both parties.

Although it is permissible to perform Nikkah during menstruation, it is important to consider the following practical considerations:

  • A woman should perform the ablution (Ghusl) after the end of menstruation before entering into physical relations with her husband.
  • If a couple chooses to delay physical intimacy after menstruation, they should communicate and agree on an appropriate time to consummate the marriage.
  • All the requirements of Nikkah as per Islamic laws such as the presence of witnesses and the consent of both man and woman must be fulfilled. These requirements are mandatory to be met regardless the woman is in menstruation or not

Bottom Line

The consensus of Islamic ulemas proposed that it is Permissible to perform Nikkah even if the woman is in her menstruation cycle, as the cycle is temporary in nature and Nikkah is just an Islamic marriage contract.

However one must wait before involving in a physical relationship where a woman must perform ablution (ghusl) before entering into a physical relationship with her husband.


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