Is Smoking Haram? Can Muslims Smoke? 2024

Is Smoking Halal or Haram

Smoking has become a common thing done by many people nowadays. Moreover, currently, cigarette products with various types and models are widely available in the market.

Not only are old models in the form of tobacco wrapped in bars, but now electric cigarettes are also widespread. Then what is the actual law of smoking in Islam in the opinion of scholars?

Is Smoking Halal or Haram?

Smoking is Haram.

There are differences of opinion among scholars regarding smoking laws in Islam, some argue that smoking is mubah, makruh, and there are a majority of scholars (Maliki, Hanafi, Hambali) that ruled out smoking as haram and it is strictly forbidden for Muslims to smoke.

Despite the differences of opinion among scholars, most scholars agree that Islam is a religion that teaches that Muslims are prohibited from doing anything that is harmful and cause destruction.

This is as explained by Allah SWT through the Holy Quran and also in the hadith of the Prophet; (Quran Al – Baqarah: 195), (Quran An-Nisa: 29), (Hadith Ibnu Majah No. 2331), (Sahih Muslim, No. 4962).


Is It Safe For Muslims To Smoke It?

With the explanations from the Holy Quran and the hadith regarding the prohibition of doing anything that is harmful, scholars, including today’s modern scholars, Dr Zakir Naik also agreed that Muslims should avoid smoking as much as possible and keep away from smoking, which brings a lot of harm to human’s health.

Bottom Line

As agreed by most scholars, Muslims should stay away from smoking or if you are already addicted to smoking, slowly try to quit smoking.

It seems that everyone already knows that smoking has many detrimental effects, such as causing cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, digestion, having a bad effect on the fetus, and damaging the reproductive system.

It is very clear that smoking is not safe and it is forbidden for us to commit self-harm such as smoking.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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