Dutch Muslim Entrepreneurs Suspend Businesses In Solidarity With Palestine

As Israel bombs Gaza, Dutch Muslim entrepreneurs are on strike.
Dutch Muslim Entrepreneurs Go On Strike

HAGUE – To express solidarity with the bombings in Gaza, several Dutch Muslim companies have suspended their operations to feel the pain of the people in Gaza. And to raise a voice for Palestine.

Not only are the entrepreneurs calling for solidarity, but their employees are also being encouraged, in consultation with their employers, to participate in what has become known as the “World Mission”. This global mission is a collective effort to raise awareness and provide relief to the people of Gaza who are affected by the ongoing injustice.

One of the participants in this noble effort is Naima, who explained her position in an interview with Fun Radio. She believes that by coming together, people in the Netherlands can send a strong message of solidarity to the people of Gaza and the global community.

It is noticeable that several well-known Dutch people and “brands” have joined this campaign and expressed their support for the cause. Among them are some prominent names such as Mohamed, better known as Mobicep, Delia (a renowned skin specialist), Hijbasecrets, Zakia Picolina, Famillie Chakir, Naima Amda and countless other influencers.

Their reach and influence on social media can help spread the message of solidarity and support for Gaza around the world.

Although this action was born out of a sense of powerlessness, it is a testament to the power of communities to come together in times of injustice. It underscores the need for international attention to the situation in Gaza.

The world watches as the people of Gaza continue to suffer, and these efforts by Dutch entrepreneurs and celebrities highlight the importance of unity and solidarity in the fight for peace and justice.

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