Indian Social Media Accounts Creating Fake News About Israel-Hamas Conflict

The rise of Islamophobia in India led social media to create digital havoc by creating fake news about the Israel-Hamas conflict.
indian social media accounts fake news

DOHA – As the ongoing genocide unfolds in Gaza, social media users see a huge rise in fake news being spread on the social media platform X, which was previously known as Twitter.

A huge amount of misinformation and fake news appears to be coming from right-wing accounts based in India.

This fake news further creates conflict between Jews and Muslims online. Both are unaware that the news is fabricated.

Disinformation campaign

Online research groups have found a number of 67 accounts on X that focused on Israeli topics and posted content identical to the Israel-Hamas conflict. This includes misleading posts and videos shared by these accounts, which have gotten millions of impressions.

One of the major headlines that these right-wing accounts from India have spread is that Hamas attackers have beheaded Israeli babies. The posts were trending on top in India on the X platform. And a majority of verified Indian accounts on X have shared the information without even cross-verifying it.

Fake news amplification

Indian right-wing accounts are the top contributors to fake news based on anti-Palestine rhetoric. This news also includes Hamas key naming a Jewish baby and beheading a boy behind the truck.

Impact and Response

The spread of such fake information creates public protests, which can later turn violent. It is very important for social media platforms as well as their users to stay vigilant and cross-check the news before making it viral.

What is X doing to curb the spread of fake news?

X has started suspending some of these accounts, but a number of them are still accessible and tweeting, as reported by NBC News.

However, on X, anyone can get a blue tick by paying some money, and then they can tweet whatever they want. Paid accounts on X get more impressions, views, and reach as compared to free ones.

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