A Man Was Spotted Praying In The Middle Of The Road, Muslims Are Angry

A Man Was Spotted Praying In The Middle Of The Road Muslims Are Angry

Viral footage showing a man praying in the middle of the street going viral on social media, Facebook.

The 54-second video quickly grabbed attention after being uploaded on the social media platform. The video was first uploaded by an account under the name Brandsynario. It is not certain when the incident occurred, we can only see that the video was posted on September 23, 2021.

There is not much information included in the video nor the explanation given by the account that posted it. The caption included under the video only says that the incident took place in a predominantly Muslim country, Turkey.

The identity of the man seen in the video praying in the middle of the road is still unknown. No information is available that explains the reason behind the man did this reckless act as well.

However, we can hear the voices of people in the background shouting at him in the local language. These people also sounded like warning the man to end his action. There is a possibility that they are worried that his actions endanger the safety of the man himself and the drivers passing by.

Criticism toward this act flooded the comments column of the post. Many criticized this man’s action because it was considered to endanger other people who also use the road.

Some others commenting saying that this man’s actions could lead to negative perceptions of Islam and he shouldn’t have done that. Prayer by creating problems or put people in danger for others is certainly not in accordance with the teaching of Islam.

Readers are expected not to imitate this action or do something similar because we as Muslims should not pray by disturbing others for whatever reason.

If you want to pray but are far from the mosque, then look for a proper place that doesn’t make an impression of showing off. In this man’s case, he should have offered his prayers on the side of the road, not in the middle of the road.

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