India’s Old Noori Mosque Emerges From The Lake

Noori Mosque in Chiraila village of Rajauli block

According to Kashmir Media Service, three decades ago, a mosque submerged in the water of the Phulwaria Dam in the Indian state of Bihar’s Nawada district surfaced.

A mosque has been submerged in Chiraila village of Rajauli block due to water drying up in the dam reservoir’s southern end.

In 1985, the Phulwaria Dam submerged the Mosque, known as Noori Masjid. It is approximately 30 feet high from the ground to the upper dome of the Mosque.

According to the report, many youths were seen thronging the area at the sight of the Mosque after the Mosque had been built.

They had always observed the water area in the reservoir and were quite surprised to find a mosque there. As youths rushed toward the Mosque, wading through mud and slush, they reached the parapet of the old structure.

The building was completely intact when many people entered the Mosque. It was fascinating to note that the structure of the Mosque has not been damaged despite being submerged for decades.

When the water level decreased, only a tiny portion of the Mosque’s dome was visible, making it difficult for people to comprehend what it was all about. However, they can see the Mosque out in the open when the earth is parched, and their curiosity is no longer aroused.

It is believed that this submerged Mosque existed before the construction of the Phulwaria Dam began in 1979.

Despite the completion of the dam construction, the Mosque remained unaffected. The entire area, including the Mosque, was submerged by the dam’s water reservoir.

It is believed that this Mosque was built sometime in the early 20th century and had a maximum age of about 120 years. As a result of observing the architecture of the Mosque’s dome, which is significantly sharper in appearance and improved over the domes built during the later Mughal period, this conclusion may be drawn.

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