Sakina Rizvi, 17, Becomes The Youngest Graduate at Toronto University

Sakina Rizvi
University of Toronto

A 17-year-old Muslim and the youngest graduate, Sakina Rizvi, belongs to Toronto University, Canada. She studied the discipline of religion on the graduation level.

She took admission in the University after two years of high school and spent her next three years on graduation.

At just 17 years of age, she earned a degree in religious discipline. She then planned to enroll in the master studies. One of her degrees was earned from Ontario Institue of Studies in Education for Curriculum Studies and the other was from London n Islamic Studies via online mode.

She also shared further on her education and the reason for becoming the youngest graduate. Sakina stated that in her School times she focused on the abilities of humans in that learning age. She excelled in being good at learning.

Meet Sakina Rizvi, the yougest graduate

She added that age wasn’t the barrier as she was able to complete her study. Initially, she was not much confident about this decision but now, she is fully focused and passionate in her work.

To stay away from the age-related questions, she often hides her age form the people. Additionally, she shared that she has plans to get enrolled in Ph.D. and for which she is very excited. Besides, young Sakina Rizvi also stated that people can also make it to what she has achieved, however, it needs a strong and confident attitude.

She also said that there were times when she felt everything is impossible for her nearer to her exams. Yet, she managed to stay positive and came this far. And now, she doesn’t want to stop her way here.

With her move, she became a source of inspiration for millions of young Muslims around the world and wishes to achieve her dreams. The impossible achievements only demand a “never give up” attitude.

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