New Kiswa Cloth Is Made of 120KG Gold and 100KG Silver

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The new Kiswa cloth is made of 670 kilograms of silk (raw) dyed black with the threads of 120KG of Gold and 100 kilograms of silver threads.

There are about 200 people engaged in the preparation of the Kiswa, which will be changed in 2020.

Recently, the facility in King Abdul Aziz Complex, where the latest kiswa is being made visited by French consulate, Mostafa Mihraje. As he visited, he was guided about how the Kiswa is being made each year.

It was brought to his mention that making Kiswa is a work of art and that comes with great care and passion.

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A kiswa consists of five pieces of cloth. Four of these pieces cover the sides of the Kaaba while the fifth one is the burqa, which is the door curtain.

There is arabic writing on Kiswa, we have also published a post on What is written on Kaaba’s Kiswa if you don’t know about it.

The cost of the new Kiswa will be SR. 22 Million ($5.9 Million).

All qualified and trained staff are hired to create this majestic black kiswa. The people who create Kiswa are all Saudi nationals.

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