China Has Now Started Destroying Uighur Muslim Graveyards

China Has Now Started Destroying Muslim Graveyards

The Chinese government has started destroying Uighur Muslim graveyards in the new row of ethnic cleansing of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, China.

As per satellite photos, following Uighur Muslim graveyards has been destroyed;

  • Sulanim Uighur Cemetery
  • Teywizim Uighur Cemetery
  • Xayar Uighur Cemetery

Al Jazeera also published a video on how China is actively destroying everything including Mosques, the Chinese Muslim population and now they have come to destroy the Muslim graveyards as well.

As per Al Jazeera’s report, the Muslim graveyards are being destroyed and being replaced with Parking lots and playgrounds.

These are the graveyards that had generations of Uhigur Muslims and now left open with their remains under the sky. The Muslim population in Xinjiang province was growing at a rapid scale, which included the majority of practicing Muslims.

Since China is dominated by Buddhists and Aethism, it can not see the growing Muslim community which is numbering over a million Muslims in the region. To control the population and Islam in the region, Muslims are being taken into camps, blindfolded, to brainwash them into becoming Chinese.

A closest Muslim friend of China, Pakistan, has also denied commenting on this matter by labeling it is a China’s internal matter.

But, despite the world leaders including Mr. Imran Khan, Pakistani Prime Minister, has stopped themselves from saying any world in the support of Chinese Muslims. International media has continued to show the world the reality, recently, a famous newspaper, The Independent, published a video showing Muslims sitting blindfolded in a reeducation camp in china.

This is indeed a growing problem, which most of the world leaders and newspapers have been turning a blind eye too. Fortunately, the International UK and US-based newspapers are giving it full coverage.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments so we know what you have to say about this.

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