China Has Started Bulldozing Mosques After Sending Muslims Into Camps

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While the world is morning the destruction of Notre Dame in Paris, on the other hand, Chinese authorities are bulldozing mosques which have been completely ignored.

The Keriya Mosque located in the Southern Xinjiang was built in 1237, which was almost 800 years ago. It went through a major renovation in the 1980s, and 1990s and then later in 2016, it was pictured as a beautiful site with thousands of worshippers. In the late-2017, it was also listed as a Chinese architectural heritage. As of today, a satellite image showed that there is no sign of that mosque right now, the Guardian reported.

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The bulldozed mosque was the only example of many other mosques that have been bulldozed by the Chinese authorities, also known as “bulldozer state”, bulldozing mosques is an action to remove religion from the area.

RFA Uyghur reported in 2017 only that at least 5,000 mosques have been bulldozed by the Chinese government. One of the news reporters who visited the eastern region of Chine in Kumul had declared that 200 out of 800 mosques in the Kumul region have already been destroyed and 500 more will be destroyed more.

Government has devised a new policy which states that the Chinese flag should fly on the top of every mosque and all the Islamic symbols (Allah, Muhammad, Usman, Abu Bakr, Usman, and Ali) should be removed publically.

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The bulldozing mosques are part of oppressing Muslims living in China. President Xi Jinping wants to make China a liberal state, and Muslims in Uyghur are in the large quantity so they have been going through concentration camps and imprisonment for following Islam.

United Nations has publically accepted that at least one million Uyghur Muslims have been imprisoned in these re-education camps to keep them away from the religion.

According to the Human Rights watch, the imprisoned Muslims are forced to concert to aestheticism or Buddhism.

Recently, Chinese authorities have started a new crackdown on Hui Muslims in China, to eradicate Islamic faith in the region.

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